Why Australia

Why Aus?

Australia is an awesome country, and really has a lot to offer. Whether it is nature, tourism attractions, social connections, or work, Australia has it all.

Australia is an easy country to get travel permission for, and visa permits, at least if you are from Europe. The reason behind this can be that Australia used to be English and still have strong connections with Great Britain. In many ways Australia feels more like a European country, than an Asian country.
That makes Australia easy for Europeans to adapt to, because of the living way and the culture in Australia. That is probably one of the main reasons why so many European backpackers also choose Australia, though the weather and nature probably also play its part.

So Australia will in some way remind you of Europe, and on the other hand Australia is nothing like Europe.


Australia's main language is English, which is one of the reasons why Australia is a really easy country to travel in, because you can communicate with almost everyone. Although there is bit of an accent at the country, which can be a little hard to understand.

Great nature and places to see

The nature and weather in Australia is probably one of the main reasons why you want to visit Australia, and for a good reason. The weather season is the opposite of Europe's, so Christmas is in the Australian summer. The temperature of course changes over the season, but where you are in the country also means a big deal. The closer you are to equator the warmer, so because Australia is below equator, is means north Australia is warmest. Australia has lot of great places to visit, with great cities, deserts, coastlines, and rainforest, combined with a great animal life. In "Places to visit" we explain what we think is the greatest places to visit.

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Us at Whitehaven Beach


By: Casper

Other content

Vlogs from our trip

We did under our stay in Australia record lot of videos, and uploaded them to Youtube. The main purpose of this was to show family and friends what they where doing on the trip around Australia.

These videos can now give you an idea how a trip around Australian can be, and where this websites authors have their expirence from.

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