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This website is created with the purpose to help you planning the best possible trip for you. This website will give information about attractions, rules, and much more about Australia.

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The Team Behind

Behind this website is us, two brothers from Denmark (Denmark the country, not the Australian city Denmark) Casper and Morten. We have been traveling and working together in Australia for 9 months, before traveling to New Zealand. Casper has further more been in Australia one time before, also with work and travel.

(This site is created in 2017, and therefore rules and laws can have been changed. But overall, the website may still be helpful, although some rules may have changed. The website will also be updated on a regular basis.)

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Supporting videos/vlogs about and from our trip

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On our australian guide facebook page, you can talk with others about Australia.

Made With Love

This Guide is made with our love for Australia, so others can experience this amazing country.

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Vlogs from our trip

We did under our stay in Australia record lot of videos, and upload them to Youtube. The main purpose of this was to show family and friends what we were doing on the trip around Australia.

These videos can give you an idea how a trip around Australia can be, and where this website's authors have their experience from.

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